Haiti: 10 Years Later

I remember January 12, 2010, the days, the weeks and emotions that followed like yesterday.

There so much to be said but here’s the summary.

Fear and Helplessness

  • Fear that my Mom’s entire family could be gone in an instant from the earthquake rubble or worse — wiped off from a possible Tsunami.
  • feeling helpless knowing there was nothing you could do from afar but just watch the images.


  • To use all sources/connections at my disposal far and wide to find out if the family was safe.
  • To let all that could hear my voice, social media posts know how big of a deal this disaster was and to donate.


Three days later when the news finally came through that one of my mom’s Goddaughters died. She was so distraught that her employer called me to come and bring her home.

Since the 7.0-scale quake rocked Ketlie Camille’s native Caribbean country last week, phone lines have been clogged and Internet connections broken, leaving her desperate to know the well-being of her siblings, nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends. She’s had trouble sleeping, and has awoken in the middle of the night. read more