A passion for flying

So…I went out and bought a few student books and NY sectional chart over the weekend at meeting a few interesting people at Nashua’s Boire Field (#KASH).

I’ve talked about it and been talked OUT of it long enough. One way or another I am going to learn how to fly and get my pilots licence.

Over the last few weeks my gut has been telling me to stop being miserable talking about it and just go. I do not want to regret not ever doing it due to money.  Believe me it’s quite expensive.

While I have flown commercially as a passenger many times since I was 3 years old (most of it in college between Raleigh-Durham and Manchester). Going up in a smaller plane and flying it is quite different.

I went on a discovery when I was in the 5th grade as a passenger in a Cessna (Photo coming….) and in the left seat 4 years ago out of T.F. Green in Warwick, RI.

On approach runway 23  at T.F. Green in Warwick, RI

Now it’s time to start reading, studying, network, strategize and make this passion and dream to fly an actual reality.
I will take all the help I can get (positive feedback thoughts, ideas and help) and I’ll keep you all updated on this journey.

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