Dear Mr. President, Haiti is NOT A Shithole.

“The people of Haiti have been through more, withstood more, found back against more injustice than our President ever has…Haitians slap your hand hard when they shake it. They look you in the eye. They don’t blink. They stand tall and they have dignity. It’s a dignity many in this White House could learn from. It’s a dignity the President, with all his money and all his power, could learn from as well.”- Anderson Cooper

I’m Haitian by heritage, meaning, I wasn’t born there, my passport doesn’t identify by it but Haiti, its people, its culture, charm, occasional drama, it’s soil and everything attached to it was born in me.

It’s my family’s ancestral home, I can never forget the sacrifices my mother made to get me and my siblings to where we are today when she boarded that Air Canada plane with an overnight bag and a dream 37 years ago.

When she wanted to give up and come back home her dad said: “you need to stay there’s nothing for you here.”

While I am always impartial — this is deeply personal. I stand proudly by Anderson Cooper’s statement in this video following President Donald Trumps alleged remarks in the Oval Office about Haiti, El Salvador and African nations on immigration calling them shithole countries.

There are several things I hold dear in my soul. This is one of them.