Police Week 2017, Thanks To All Who Serve.

As Police Week 2017 comes to a close, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and thank all my friends & former colleagues in the law enforcement community for their dedication & sacrifice to public service.

The job is not an easy one. Especially in today’s times, when the recent headlines have not been “good,” most times downright disturbing.

It is important to remember, many of these folks have sworn to serve and protect ALL of us “in a manner consistent with the rights and dignity of all persons as provided for by the law under the Constitution of the United States and the State,” according to a mission statement I have read.

Additionally, the public should hold those who serve accountable and question when things go wrong so that there are no more repeat tragedies.

Learn more about what these folks do daily. For instance, in my community, you can attend the police commissioners meeting, participate in a citizen’s academy, or call the community liaison office.

To brothers and sisters who serve, take the time to learn the community dynamics community on and off the clock and build trust.

A lot I know personally do this — it makes a lasting impression and impact.

Great example: Ofc. Billy Boyd, an officer for N.C.Central University Police and Raleigh-Durham Airport/Cary, NC Police.

Boyd, has embedded himself in the community while he’s on and off duty in the last 15 years as a sworn officer.

While I haven’t seen him in over a decade since I left North Carolina, we occasionally chat and he is still as enthusiastic about his profession when I first met him in 2003.

When things get serious Boyd mindset is in the zone. He is one of the many of officers that I know that deeply care about where they work and the people they protect.

I hope the image of this profession that is reported on the daily in the news changes for the better in 2017 and beyond.

It was great catching up with Ofc. R. Dunn from the Nashua,NH Police Department out on detail last during the NuMuse Music Festival (top image). In the words from McNulty from ‘The Wire’ “They are the good police.”